Press Release: Dr. Peter Ciampi Volunteers Dental Care Services with Remote Area Medical® Mission in Knoxville, TN

Our dentist in Spring Lake, New Jersey recently returned from his latest mission to provide free services to patients in need of quality dental care. Dr. Ciampi is a regular volunteer with the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps® (RAM), a non-profit group that gathers together professionals in a variety of medical and dental fields to provide complimentary treatments to individuals with limited financial means, as well as for those in areas where there may not be sufficient access to dental and medical facilities.

This trip is one of several that Dr. Ciampi has made with RAM to the Knoxville area over the years. Dr. Ciampi says 1,533 unique patients were seen over the first weekend in February, including both adults and children. Treatments provided included general dental screenings, both simple and surgical tooth extractions, fillings, and dental cleanings. All treatments were completely free of charge during the event, which has provided thousands of people with care that can reduce risks of developing more serious oral and general health problems in the future.

Dr. Ciampi says he is extremely proud to offer his services with RAM year after year and to be part of such a wonderful group of colleagues who do the same.