Advanced Care

Dr. Peter Ciampi and Associates are cosmetic dentists who believe that a healthy smile is behind every beautiful smile. For this reason, Spring Lake Dental Care offers a full range of advanced dentistry options to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Regular dental visits can be an essential component to achieving a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Our advanced dentistry offerings include:

Endodontics/Root Canal Therapy

In some cases, a tooth can be so heavily damaged or decayed that a special procedure known as a root canal must be performed in order to save it. An infected tooth can not only be very painful, but it can also form a dangerous abscess and even heighten your risk of serious overall health problems. Our endodontist, Dr. Firas Marsheh, is extensively trained and experienced in root canal therapy and can help you restore both the health and appearance of your tooth in the most comfortable way possible.

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Therapy

Sleep apnea and snoring therapy is an important treatment that our practice offers for those who experience difficulty breathing while sleeping. Obstructive sleep apnea can cause a variety of serious (even life-threatening) symptoms and conditions, including full breathing pauses during sleep and numerous related symptoms that are experienced during waking hours. Dr. Ciampi and our team offer advanced treatments such as the custom-designed OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System to provide many patients with an effective way to reduce the symptoms and risks associated with sleep apnea. These techniques can often lead to healthier breathing patterns, limited snoring, and better sleep every night.

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Holistic Mercury-Free Dentistry

Holistic (mercury-free) dentistry, which is also known as “biocompatible dentistry,” is dental care designed to avoid the use of specific toxins in certain dental products and materials. A holistic approach allows Dr. Peter Ciampi to care for a patient’s oral health needs while using materials that are healthier for the immune system. Eliminating the use of many materials that contain mercury works to enhance the overall safety of the treatments our practice offers. Plus, treatments such as tooth-colored fillings and others that utilize mercury-free materials lead to more natural-looking, beautiful results!

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Sedation Dentistry

The use of sedation dentistry allows for patients to feel more calm, relaxed, and comfortable during dental procedures. Dental anxiety is very common, and fear of the dentist or dental treatment can make one avoid the care they need altogether, which could lead to very serious problems later. Spring Lake Dental Care offers sedation dentistry techniques for patients who experience mild to severe dental anxiety. These options can ultimately make the entire treatment process more comfortable and pleasant.

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TMJ/TMD Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder, which is often referred to as TMJ Disorder or TMD, is a jaw condition that can cause a number of debilitating symptoms, including jaw clicking/popping, headache, facial pain, numbness in the arms and fingers, and many others. Our practice offers several different options that have proven effective for reducing the symptoms of TMJ Disorder and helping patients alleviate the daily discomfort that can result from this common condition.

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