Teeth Whitening

One of the most simple, yet effective cosmetic treatments that we offer at our practice is teeth whitening. At Spring Lake Dental Care in Monmouth County, New Jersey, we offer our patients GLO professional teeth whitening to enhance their smiles to a gleaming, bright white.

GLO Teeth Whitening

Our experienced cosmetic dentists are pleased to offer GLO professional teeth whitening, one of the latest and most innovative techniques available. While you may have seen an over-the-counter version of GLO at your local cosmetics store, the in-office GLO treatment offers 70% stronger results. GLO teeth whitening can provide patients with a range of potential benefits over other types of whitening treatments, including:

  • Better for sensitive teeth
  • No trays are required
  • No associated lab costs
  • Half the time spent in the dentist’s chair

A clinical study found that GLO treatment helped patients whiten their teeth by an average of five shades. The procedure is also known for its remarkably rapid treatment times and fast results. Plus, many patients with sensitive teeth are elated with GLO teeth whitening’s ability to do its job without the discomfort caused by some of the other whitening options. A member of our dental team will be happy to talk with you about GLO teeth whitening at your initial consultation and determine whether this treatment is right for your needs.

Patient Results

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GLO Technology

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Dr. Ciampi’s continued commitment to providing innovation in cosmetic dentistry has alleviated the frustration many patients experience after unsuccessfully using teeth whitening products such as at-home or one-hour in-office systems. For a deep action teeth whitening treatment that really works, contact our practice today!