What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

dentalemThe term “dental emergency” refers to a broad spectrum of potentially serious issues involving the teeth, gums, and/or entire mouth. At Spring Lake Dental Care, some issues we would typically consider to be dental emergencies may include:

Should you have a dental emergency, our dentists will make every effort to make themselves available to help. If you call our office during business hours, either Dr. Peter Ciampi or Dr. Rossana Ciampi will try to see you as soon as possible in order to triage you to assess the degree of your dental emergency, as well as the degree of the overall oral-facial issue.

When calling after hours, you’ll get a message on the answering machine providing a cell phone number for one of our dentists with whom you can get in touch. If the doctor does not answer the phone, you can leave a message and he or she will return your call as quickly as possible to determine the proper course of action.

Most general dental emergencies can be treated in our office; however, should the issue require additional and/or more extensive treatment, our dentists can provide triage and arrange for you to see the proper physician based on your specific needs.

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For more information about what to do in the case of a dental emergency, please feel free to contact our office today.