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Spring Lake Dental Care – Meet Dr. Peter Ciampi

Video Transcript:
Hi, I am Dr. Peter Ciampi. I am a general, cosmetic and restorative dentist here in Spring Lake New Jersey, beautiful downtown Spring Lake New Jersey, the heart of the Jersey shore. I have been here for approximately 20 years and have practiced general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The practice is primarily focused on comprehensive care. We do a complete analysis of our patients, of their occlusion, their bite, their TMJ, comprehensive periodontal evaluation. So when people come into our practice it’s not going into a regular general practice where they are just gonna have their teeth checked and cleaned. A lot of patients come to me because of my credentials. I hold a master in the Academy of General Dentistry. I have had advanced training in Aesthetic Dentistry at the UCLA Center for Aesthetics Dentistry and the Dawson Center For Advanced Dental Studies and the Pankey Institute in areas of occlusion and TMJ. But above and beyond all of the education that I have received, what really is important to me is the relationships I have fostered with my patients over the past 20 years. That is an experience that clinicial dentistry is something that I enjoy doing, but more above and beyond that is the relationships I have made over the past 20 years. When patients come into our office it’s the experience that they have that is something that we just get complimented on all the time. From the time that they walk into the office they meet a pleasant face, the care that they have here in the office is personalized and its comfortable and it’s something that the patients will enjoy above and beyond what they would expect. We provide treatment above and beyond their expectations and I know you’ll feel the same when you come here.

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