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Porcelain Dental Veneers Spring Lake New Jersey

Video Transcript:
I have been with the dentist before they had taken over the practice and I began with them and it was about 20 years ago so I have stuck with them the whole time. I guess I had a tooth problem I had an abscess going on and Dr. Peter just really just took care of it right away and was able to relieve the discomfort that I had and that was a good experience. Everybody is fine and the appointments are always made on time and everyone works around your schedule so it’s a nice way to be. I have had friends or family members come here I actually recommended my sister to come here and she’s here and also my girlfriend came and she had a problem and Dr Peter took time and was able to see them. Yeah Dr. Peter I really improve my smile and he showed me the way to do it, you know I got the veneers going and it really improved my whole attitude and it really is the smile I had always wanted and I am trying to you know continue to keep it up and that’s why I keep coming here.

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"When I first came to Dr. Ciampi we sat down and developed plan for managing the long term care of my teeth. It involved several options including cosmetic procedures that have made my teeth a lot more stable and a lot more attractive." View More Testimonials